Tritonlube Co Gmbh


Tritonlube Co. GmbH – is a German-based company specializing in lubricants. They are the brand holder of Tritonlube, a brand that produces various types of high-quality oils with the latest technology.

As the brand holder of Tritonlube, the company is committed to providing superior lubrication products designed to deliver optimal performance and high protection for various types of engines and systems. 

Their oil formulations combine high-quality ingredients and advanced additives, resulting in efficient lubrication, reduced friction, and effective protection against wear and corrosion.

The company has modern and high-standard production facilities and invests in the latest research and innovation for their product development. Utilizing cutting-edge technology from Germany ensures that Tritonlube oils meet the demanding requirements of diverse industries and applications.

Being a recognized brand holder, Tritonlube Co. GmbH places a strong emphasis on product quality and excellent customer service. 

They conduct rigorous testing to ensure consistent quality and performance of their oils, making them a reliable solution for various industries that require superior lubrication and maximum protection for their engines and systems.


  • Widest Range & Network
  • Operational & Service Excellence
  • Respected Organization
  • Leading Supply Company
  • Dynamic & professional management
  • Continous Learning Organization
  • Latest Information Technology
  • Access to Global Market
  • Sense of Pride & Happiness
  • Sharing Industrial Expertise


In 2012, the TRITONLUBE mission statement was developed with the objective of providing employees throughout the world with orientation for their daily actions. The model rests on three pillars, which continue to characterize the success of TRITONLUBE to this day: LUBRICANTS. 

TRITONLUBE focuses on lubricants and offers solutions for all requirements and fields of application in the world of lubricants. TECHNOLOGY. 

TRITONLUBE claims technological leadership in strategically important fields of application and is acknowledged as the number one technology partner by its customers. 

Not only does TRITONLUBE focus on its own lubricants, it also takes a holistic approach, paying close attention to the processes in place at its customers. PEOPLE.

 TRITONLUBE’ dedicated corporate culture, coupled with its loyal and motivated workforce, is the strategic key to its success. 

Our employees form the basis for this success. Together, they describe not only our business model, but also the attitude of the entire company.

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